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The Itinerary

The ABC Islands

Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao, the ABC Islands, are the westernmost isles of the Leeward Antilles, basking in year-round sunshine in the far south of the Caribbean. All three have beautiful sandy beaches, colorful architecture, and dazzling coral reefs to explore.You’ll also find plenty to enjoy beyond the beaches. Cycling tours, off-road ATV adventures, caves, historic houses, vibrant markets, and street art await.Each island shares historic ties with The Netherlands, so you’ll find Dutch influences in the cuisine, place names, and language. But their individual cultures are different.

Multicultural Aruba is a playground for sun-seekers, while sleepy Bonaire is more about nature, with divers flocking to explore its coral reefs. Curaçao blends Dutch, Latin, and Asian influences. All three enjoy a high standard of living and exude a laid-back Caribbean charm.


  • Day 1 - Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Day 2 - At Sea
  • Day 3 - At Sea
  • Day 4 - Oranjestad, Aruba
  • Day 5 - Willemstad, Curacao
  • Day 6 - Kralendijk, Bonaire
  • Day 7 - At Sea
  • Day 8 - At Sea
  • Day 9 - Fort Lauderdale, FL


When you hear the word “Aruba,” a few things immediately come to mind: turquoise, clear waters, year-round sunshine, and white sand beaches. And it’s true—Aruba lives up to the hype. It’s an unquestionable oasis, which you’ll quickly discover when you set off on a Southern Caribbean cruise. Some say Aruba is difficult to beat as far as paradise goes. The motto of Aruba is “one happy island,” and both locals and visitors make that motto come true every day of the year.

On cruises to Aruba, you’ll dock at the island’s capital and port city, Oranjestad. From there, the choices are endless. You could easily spend your entire time in Aruba on a beach or drinking a refreshing cocktail at any of the beachiest bars. However, on cruises that go to Aruba, you’ll discover more history and nature preservation efforts than you might expect, which you’ll experience on excursions to the Aruba Butterfly Farm, a trip to the National Archeological Museum, or at the Santa Cruz Donkey Sanctuary.


Compact and easy to navigate, the capital city of Bonaire, called Kralendijk, has just enough to keep you occupied for the day. As a stop on a Southern Caribbean cruise, Bonaire has one of the Caribbean’s most incredible reef ecosystems in Bari Reef and some of the best views of Krendalijk from the lookout point at the Sera Largu.

The signature bird of the island, the flamingo, is a protected species that you can see from the Flamingo Preserve on the southern tip of the island. Arguably, Bonaire’s best attraction is the variety of coral and the abundant scuba diving opportunities. On cruises to Bonaire, the island swirls with natural activity


Bright, airy, and beachy Willemstad may feel like a Dutch city, but don’t let the colonial pastels and European-style streets fool you—you’re on the Southern Caribbean cruise of a lifetime. On cruises to Curaçao, beautiful beaches, clear waters, and incredible diving and snorkeling will quickly steal your heart.

During a day in Willemstad, stroll along Willemstad’s Old Town and quaint harbor, both designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Soak up the sun at Mambo Beach, or discover local culture and history on a museum-hopping tour. Take to the floating Queen Emma Bridge for sweeping city views over the water. Savor the fusion of Dutch and Afro-Caribbean cuisine on exclusive culinary experiences with local chefs.

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